Scenario Exploration System


A tool to spark futures dialogues

How will Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other data-based technologies change our daily lives in the future? Will private citizens or big tech own our data?

The Future of Data Governance board game helps you engage stakeholders in dialogues around various model scenarios describing fictional futures. This way supports the exploration of potential implications and generates future insights to inform policies and strategies today. This version of the game builds on the widely utilised concept created by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, Scenario Exploration System. To make foresight and futures accessible, game-based tools are used by governments and international organizations

These model scenarios are fictional descriptions and do not reflect the UN’s formal position on the issue of data governance.

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What is this game about?

Participants take on five different roles in this game: a CEO of a data company, a private citizen, an international organization, a government representative or the public voice. Participants will pursue the long-term objectives of their roles, and explore different scenario contexts and time horizons, while interacting with each other.

UNGP - Scenario Exploration System

What insight does it generate? 

Playing this game will help participants immerse themselves in different future contexts. It enhances long-term thinking and creates an understanding of how your own actions and those of others might influence the future.

UNGP - Scenario Exploration System

Great! Where can I start? 

Just keep on scrolling! You will find all the material needed to run the game in the download link below. This includes a game board, playing cards and an instruction manual. All materials are editable and allow you to adapt the game to your specific demands and needs.

UNGP - Scenario Exploration System

Game essentials


  • 1 facilitator

  • 5 to 12 players in explorer roles

  • 1 player in public voice role


Players: Prior foresight experience or knowledge about the topic is not required.

Facilitators: Experience with scenario thinking is beneficial.


3 hours to play

Additional time to prepare the game and and analyse the results is required.


UNGP - Scenario Exploration System


UNGP - Scenario Exploration System

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