Exploring FutureCast: A conversation with game designers Mike Masnick and Randy Lubin

We had an absolute blast while recording a Techdirt podcast with host and game designer Mike Masnick from the Copia Institute and game designer Randy Lubin from Leveraged Play. In our conversation, we tell you all about how we co-created FutureCast. This is a versatile foresight tool that aims to explore pathways of change in highly uncertain futures.

FutureCast brings together a diverse group of stakeholders in a dynamic, fun and insight-generating exercise. The game’s strength is its ability to create a safe space for diverse voices to be heard, even when civic space is limited. In this podcast, we discuss how our experimentation started, which design choices we made and why, and how we tested the tool with colleagues within the UN. Tune in and discover the multiple ways this game could be of value to you and your team!

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