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Here you can find a selection of the foresight experiments co-created during the two-year strategic foresight pilot.

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Participatory Foresight for National Development Planning

A safe space to co-create. This participatory futures process engaged youth and communities in government planning in Colombia.

Pathways for Positive Change

Participatory foresight can provide a safe space to discuss future challenges with multiple stakeholders. Read how we explored emerging issues in Cambodia’s political context to drive positive change.

Highlighting the Cost of Inaction

Explore scenarios about the future of data governance in 2050. Aimed at helping the UN mitigate risks, identify opportunities, and support aspirational data futures and the emergence of global data governance.

Horizon Scanning

Discover how policy planners in Bappenas built their horizon scanning skills and shed light on the future of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

The Future of Vulnerability

Mapping causes of vulnerability broadens our understanding on how they are interrelated. Discover how this method supported UN Resident Coordinator Offices.

Futures for Intergenerational Equity

Learn how to introduce the concept of intergenerational equity (IGE) and solidarity into organizations and start the transformation.

Futures Maps

A forward-looking approach is key to strategically prioritise and strengthen policy coherence. Read how foresight helped “futurise” the system maps of the main sustainable development challenges in Madagascar.

Youth-led Futures Design

Youth plays an integral role in futures design. UNICEF’s Global Outlook included the perspectives of young people from 40+ countries, exemplifying how we can engage youth in intergenerational foresight dialogues.

The Future of Small Businesses in Indonesia

Engaging and unique, this foresight event immersed audiences in an interactive exhibit, workshops and talks. Explore how dynamic approaches help people experience diverse future scenarios.
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