Futures Maps

How can we connect systems and futures thinking into the UN’s planning processes?

UN Resident Coordinator Office Madagascar and UN Country Team Madagascar supported by UNGP Finland, UNITAR and UNDESA


UNGP co-designed and co-facilitated a whole-UN workshop of the Common Country Analysis process to “futurise” the system maps of the main sustainable development challenges in Madagascar (global, institutional, social, economic and environmental maps). The macro-variables driving the futures of Madagascar, identified in the national foresight exercise “Madagascar 2063,” were used in the workshop to figure out strategic entries and policies to steer the systems towards the preferred scenarios in Madagascar and mitigate the risk of drifting towards more pessimistic ones.


In line with the UN reform and the urge for coherent policies (SDG 17), and under the mandate to mainstream system thinking and foresight in the UN, the RC Office in Madagascar innovated the process for the Cooperation Framework 2024-28 by applying the two approaches synergically.

Key Lessons

  • Incorporation of new methodologies needs to be paced with the participants’ readiness.
  • Advocacy for change and capacity building are key.
  • Insights boost UN Country Teams to work in a more synergised manner across the mandates, incorporating the systems transformation approach from the onset.

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