The Future of Vulnerability

How can we apply foresight to support inclusivity in citizen consultations?

UNGP Finland for UN Resident Coordinator Offices


The experiment supported the Resident Coordinator’s office in exploring new ways of integrating forward-looking and participatory approaches in their planning processes. A method to systematically map the causes of vulnerability was developed to better understand the interconnectedness of current and emerging phenomena impacting the future of vulnerability. The outputs included a process for collecting input through community dialogues. The UNGP team provided strategic guidance for analysing the collected data and integrating the key insights into the Common Country Analysis (CCA). This is a key planning document describing the development of the UN collaboration framework – the UN Country Team’s strategic plan.


UN Country Teams aim to support national governments in achieving the goals indicated in the “Leave No One Behind” agenda. Participatory foresight could be applied during the consultation process to support the inclusion of vulnerable citizens’ voices in the country teams’ planning process.

Key lessons

  • “Future-proofing” data collection and planning processes requires systematic analysis at all stages.
  • A good starting point to drive transformation is identifying entries to integrate foresight around different process stages.
  • Small experiments can test different approaches to changing the process.

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